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Dec, 2015

Our Player Path to Success!

The Adirondack Lynx Female Soccer Academy (ages 12-18), Empire City Boys Soccer Academy (ages 12-18) and Adirondack FC Soccer Training Academy (ages 4-12) has 5 distinct seasons when we train players in order to create a consistent development program.  These seasons consist of Fall, Winter 1, Winter 2, Spring and Summer.  Each season has different goals and expectations.

Club soccer is usually a locally organized soccer program whose purpose is to provide opportunities for youth soccer players to experience a healthy, safe, and developmentally appropriate environment to learn, love and live the game of soccer. The value of club soccer is usually related to access to higher level of coaching, year-round soccer, opportunities to play at a higher level of competition, and exposure to various venues. It is typically through soccer clubs where players get recognition and exposure to college opportunities and access to college coaches and scouts.

Because club soccer is year-round, club coaches are able to build on fundamental practices during regular season and off season training seasons. Club soccer coaches often encourage players to get additional touches on the ball during down time to build stronger soccer players with a demanding control of the ball.

Our Academy model within this framework allows for even more focus on training and developing players than the "win at all cost" model.  Our coaches attempt to train players to their fullest potential while teaching skills, athleticism, tactics, teamwork and sportsmanship. Our Programs strive to provide the best soccer training facilities, coaches, teams and support structure to facilitate the development and to provide a positive environment for a lasting impression.

Our soccer academy is not for every soccer player or soccer parent. We understand and support players that have varied interests in other sports and leisure activities.  Our players have a passion for the game, are coach-able, and can commit as much training in a year as possible.

Parental Commitment is equally as important as player commitment. Parents cannot be looking for the "silver bullet". They must understanding that a player's development is not instantaneous but occurs over many seasons of proper instruction and play along with positive reinforcement from parents and coaches.  The more a player trains the better they will get.  We refer to this as the 10,000 touch many times between 4 years and 18 years can you get 10,000 purposeful touches on the ball.  That will equate to player development.  This is the primary reason we play small sided in the "off" season.  fewer players on the field will allow players to make more decisions and play more.

In addition, the parent's main interest must not be on position themselves each year to put their child on a more winning team. This type of parent behavior is detrimental to player’s development and the sheer life lesson of working hard for something you want is lost. And in reality, the player who may show signs of "talent" at age 8 is not necessarily the strongest player by age 13.

We believe each player is an integral part of the team, and a team's success on and off the field is not dependent on just one or two players, but the entire squad and the level of passion for the sport each player holds.

Although our fees may seem high at first glance we build our budget based on a number of factors.  this includes the players on the team's roster, as well as basic costs such as: tournaments, league fees, coaching fees, referee fees, local registration, uniforms and any other club soccer activity the team plans to attend.  Our programs typically range in costs from $5-$15 per 60 to 90 minute session.  For obvious reasons our indoor winter training fees are often higher than our outdoor programs.