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Oct, 2015

Largest Futsal Centre in Upstate NY comes to Lake George

Soccer, Futbol, or the “beautiful game” is played all over the world; on grass fields, indoor arenas, tennis and basketball courts, or even in the streets. The reason being, it is so easy to play. All you need is a ball (or spherical object) and a goal which can be constructed out of pretty much anything.

This winter the Lake George Forum, a former skating rink will become the new home of the Adirondax Futsal Centre. The 30,000 square foot space is being converted over to 4 futsal courts by the Adirondack FC Soccer Academy, Adirondack Lynx Female Soccer Academy and Empire City Boys Soccer Academy.

What's Futsal, you ask? And where is it being played?

Well, Futsal is a modified form of soccer that's played indoors  or outdoors on a hard surface and is being heavily promoted by US Soccer and our local Capital District Youth Soccer League.

PJ Motsiff, who owns the Adirondack FC Soccer Academy, said he and the local high school coaches from South Glens Falls, Glens Falls, Queensbury and Bolton came up with the idea to bring Futsal to the Lake George Forum in upstate New York because of what they perceive as a lack of opportunity to play soccer cost effectively in the winter months.  Our program can operate a tournament or league at about 1/2 the cost of a typical indoor turf facility.

"We had 2 youth teams play in a futsal league last winter in Schenectady and the players loved it, said Motsiff.  After approaching the owners of the Lake George Forum about my idea, they were very supportive and our plan was hatched."

According to Motsiff, unlike regular indoor soccer facilities, where they usually play on a larger field that simulates grass with regular soccer rules and a regular soccer ball, Futsal is played on a court like basketball. It uses a low bounce ball that still travels fast, but not through the air as much.  Our goal is to keep soccer fresh for our players and Futsal is like playing another sport because of the increased technical skills needed to play it.  However, all of these skills will carry over to the outdoor game as well.

"Futsal is not well known yet, however, it is a super, exciting version of indoor soccer that originated in South America and is played all over the world,'' Motsiff said. " Futsal focuses on control, passing, speed and agility, not just kicking the ball.

"Kids get more touches and have to control it more,'' added Motsiff, noting that when the ball does go out of bounds, there are no throw-ins. Instead, the ball is placed on the sideline and it's kicked in. "You can develop foot speed, game speed and game IQ.''

"It's a fast-paced game without the added pressure of a 'win at all cost' attitude (you see sometimes) from coaches and parents in other facilities and leagues,'' said Motsiff. "My players significantly improved their IQ and soccer speed in a short time.''

The Adirondax Futsal Centre is located inside the Lake George Forum. Motsiff has rented space from Ralph Machio and plans to operate his winter programs from November to March in the 30,000 square foot space.  There are currently over 200 kids in our programs.  "The space is perfect for what we are doing because we have set up 4 full size courts. The Forum has bleachers, as well as 5 locker rooms, an upper viewing area of all 4 courts and a cafe that is open year round, seven days/week.  Along with training during the week, Motsiff plans to host tournaments on the weekends for Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball and possibly Wrestling.

Motsiff said his futsal programs will run in 3 6-week sessions.  November-December, January-February and February-March.  Players will train 2x/week and play in-house games as well as teams from outside clubs during their 6-week training program.

Those wishing to join the soccer training programs at the Adirondax Futsal Centre may contact PJ Motsiff at 518-466-0534 or by visiting